Just a little RESPECT… please!

“Shall I make some breakfast for you Athai(MIL in tamil) or do you want to freshen up” inquired Priya from her mother in law Mrs. Pillai who had just arrived home from Chennai. “No Priya, this tea is fine. We will have our breakfast with Shreya once she wakes up” [this conversation was in Tamil]. … Continue reading Just a little RESPECT… please!

The missing LAPTOP bag… #ShortStory

Anchal was waiting at the bus stop for her office cab. It was already 8.15am and there was no sign of her cab. She suddenly hears her phone ring from her bag. She just tosses her laptop bag to the other shoulder and picks the call from the unknown number. “Madam, tyre puncture. You go … Continue reading The missing LAPTOP bag… #ShortStory

APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – It’s not what you expect! #ShortStory

“Where is my wallet!? Darn it!” murmured Alia to herself searching all over her cupboard. It was 9 am and she was already late to work. She could hear her phone ringing in the hall. “Must be some spam call. Who else would call at this time in the morning” Alia thought to herself. Alia … Continue reading APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – It’s not what you expect! #ShortStory