A FLIGHT to remember! #ShortStory


“Make sure you eat one spoon of Chyawanprash(herbal supplement) everyday Naina.”

“Yes mom!” as she continued nodding to everything else her mom was telling her whilst hunting for her novel in her back pack. “I think I packed it in my luggage” she thought to herself, face palming at the same time.

Naina’s parents had come to see her off at the airport. Her mom was giving her advises just like every other mother. “You have Anita aunty’s number saved right? Make sure you call her once in a while.” “Yes Mom!” came a mindless Naina’s reply.

Naina was travelling to Paris for a fashion designer’s assignment. This had been Naina’s dream since college. Her first ever abroad visit and that too to the most beautiful city in the world… PARIS! Her excitement was unexplainable.

Finally she bid goodbye to her emotional mother and a happy father. “Enjoy your time beta. Have fun!” her father said. “Mom, please stop being so dramatic. I am going only for 6 months. And I will call you every day.” Naina kissed her mom goodbye. A smile spread across the overly emotional mother’s face.

Naina had reached the airport well ahead of time thanks to her punctual father who would reach any place well before the expected time. She completed the immigration and security procedures and headed to the DUTY FREE. She checked the time on her phone. “There’s still 45min until boarding. Let me keep an alarm on my phone so that I could reach the boarding gate on time” she thought to herself.

Naina loved books. She happily spent her time in the CROSSWORD store near the DUTY FREE section. She looked around and finally selected 2 books for her long flight to Paris. While checking out at the counter, she noticed the clock behind the counter. It showed 11pm. Naina asked the salesman if the clock was correct. The salesman responded in affirmation. Naina checked back to her phone. “Oh no! When did this switch off” her phone had switched off and that’s why the alarm dint go off. She was 15 minutes late for her boarding time.

She left the books as is at the counter, and apologized to salesman “I have to rush. I can’t miss this flight” She sprinted out of the store before listening to any response.  Naina was panting and breathless. Her boarding gate was even further away than she had anticipated. She ran, she ran like never before in her life!

Hardly able to breathe she finally reached her boarding gate. The last few people were still boarding the flight. “Thank god!” she thought to herself. She rushed to the gate and presented her boarding pass.

The airline staff at the counter asked her to wait for a moment. He was busy discussing something with the other officials and pointing at his computer screen at the same time. “Oh no! Are they going to offload me? This can’t be happening” Negative thoughts rushing into her head. She couldn’t be missing her first ever international flight!

“Ma’am, are you travelling alone?” the airline staff inquired. “Yes!” she replied. “Has the flight gone? Am I too late? What happened?” she continued murmuring some gibberish. “Ma’am please calm down.” He continued, “Would you like to move to Business Class? We actually have one family waiting at the check-in counter and they need just one more seat in the Economy class. If its fine with you, can we move you to the Business class seat?”

Naina stared at the guy for few seconds. Did she just hear what she thought she heard!!?? “Ma’am, is it ok?” He questioned her again. “YES! YES! Why not!!” Naina was already doing a little dance in her head. The staff immediately issued a new boarding pass for her and escorted her thru the Business class lane towards the aircraft.

“Am I dreaming? Damn!” the conversation in Naina’s head was quite dramatic. She reached the entrance and an air-hostess guided her to her seat and offered to take her jacket and keep it aside. She also helped Naina keep away her back pack.

Naina was grinning from one ear to the other. She had always seen the business class seats in pictures and on social media. She did not imagine even in her wildest dreams that she would get to experience it! It was so comfortable and spacious! She could even lie down completely. “This is going to be one hell of a flight!” she thought to herself.

She immediately clicked a selfie and sent it to her mom and dad. They were ecstatic and relieved she was going to have a comfortable journey. Naina turned off her phone as per the instructions, the grin not leaving her face. In fact it stayed on her face for the rest of the flight. She was never going to forget her first ever international trip! 🙂

view from plane

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29 thoughts on “A FLIGHT to remember! #ShortStory

  1. this did happen to us once – both my hubby and I were offered seats in business class after we were all seated in the plane. They had overbooked but wanted to offer people who had bought tickets earlier the option of business class 🙂 we had to sit separately but we did not care one bit :)we enjoyed that trip (and our kids now say – how lucky you were!!, wish it happens to us too)..

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  2. It happened with me onece – upgraded to business class seat that too in an international flight because a baby behind the seat had created mess.

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