APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – It’s not what you expect! #ShortStory


“Where is my wallet!? Darn it!” murmured Alia to herself searching all over her cupboard. It was 9 am and she was already late to work. She could hear her phone ringing in the hall. “Must be some spam call. Who else would call at this time in the morning” Alia thought to herself.

Alia had set up her cupboard just the last weekend. Right now she had ransacked it so bad that it just became a huge pile of cloths dumped on the shelf. Her phone kept ringing in the hall.

Alia was really frustrated. She couldn’t bare her phone ringing for one more second. She stormed out of her bedroom towards the hall, almost hurting her hand with the doorknob while crossing.

Alia stared at the phone screen. It was her brother calling. He never calls her until maybe it’s her birthday. And today wasn’t her birthday. Confused, she picked the call.

“Hello brother” silence followed her greeting. She felt like she heard some sobbing. “Hello?” she repeated couple of times.

“Alia… Alia… Mom…” the voice on the other end was crying and talking.

“Sid! What happened? Are you ok?” inquired a now worried Alia.

“Alia… Mom! Mom met with an accident last night…” said a sobbing Sid.

“What!?”Gasped Alia.

“Mom slipped and fell down. She has fractured her leg.”

“Oh my God! Oh my God! How is she now? Where is she now? Give the phone talk to her” Alia replied in a panicky voice.

“Mom’s unconscious. We have admitted her in the hospital” said Sid crying out loud.

“Ok… Ok… Don’t cry. I am coming home right away. I will catch the next flight and will be there in a few hours. Till then take care of mom. Ok Sid?” silence followed for a few seconds. Alia repeated “Ok Sid?”

“Yes!” came the reply. Alia disconnected the call and sat down on her sofa set smirking to herself.

Now a huge smile on Alia’s face. “Couldn’t this idiot think of anything else to say!!!” thought Alia to herself. “You fool around with me Sid, Let me tell you who the prankster is!” Alia said to herself.

Alia was sure her mom is absolutely fine as she had spoken to her mom an hour back. Alia called her mom every morning before she left for work. Alia lived in a different city because of her work. Her younger brother Sid, who was still studying lived with his parents.

During the call, her mom mentioned “Sid told me not to pick your call today. I wonder why. That boy is always up to something. You take care of yourself Alia”. This struck Alia the moment she heard her brother sobbing over the phone. “This stinker thinks he can mess with me?” She was thinking to herself during the call.

For the next few hours, Sid tried calling Alia couple of times. But she did not pick the call. She wanted to teach him a lesson for trying to play a prank on her. Sid had really panicked now. He desperately tried to reach his sister over the phone. He texted her couple of times but got no reply. He called up 2-3 friends of hers whose contact he had for emergency, they too responded saying that they were not aware where Alia is. Obviously, Alia had instructed them to do so.

It was not until late in the night, Alia was back from work and had just finished her dinner and was relaxing and watching TV when she heard the doorbell ring. Half anticipating who it was, Alia went to open the door. There standing at her door step was her dear brother Sid. He was in a pathetic condition. His face was swollen and his clothes were in a shabby state.

Where the hell were you? Why weren’t you picking up your phone!?” he yelled and almost immediately hugged his sister with a sigh of relief seeing her safe and sound. She hugged her brother back and replied “Happy April Fool’s Day brother”

“Oh my god!! Was this your prank? Do you know how worried I was for you? I did not even tell mom and dad that I am here. They would have killed me if something had happened to you! I thought since I shocked you with mom’s fake news you would have hurried to the airport and met with an accident or something.” Sid said almost in tears.

Then never play a sensitive prank like this ever again Sid! If I hadn’t spoken to mom in the morning, I would have gone crazy by now!” said Alia. “I am sorry Alia!” He hugged his sister again. After a few seconds… “I will make you an April Fool someday again Alia, but in a better way… You wait and watch” and the siblings continued fighting…


4 thoughts on “APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – It’s not what you expect! #ShortStory

  1. Hello 🙂
    I was just seeing your about me page. Nice to meet you. I am an engineer too (electronics and communication). I worked for about 3 years in the IT.
    Cheese, chicken and chocolates are my favorites too. 😀😀😀
    And I am from the city of Bengaluru. 🙂

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