A trek to remember… #ShortStory

3ww - 523

This blog has been written for Three Word Wednesday. The three words for this week(3WW 523rd edition) are : Taut ; Underestimate ; Vigorous. Do enjoy my little short story!

“You guys go ahead. I will join you in… “A panting Kaira struggled to complete her sentence. “… In 5min” she whispered under her breath which even she herself couldn’t hear. She managed to find a rock where she decided to rest for some time.

Kaira had come trekking with her friends to Mt. Skandagiri. The planning for this trip had been going on since almost 6 months. Kaira was in a dilemma from the beginning. She was not a trek kind of person. Rather this kind of physical activity was just not her thing. She had decided to drop off from the trip but her friends coaxed her into it with a lot of emotional melodrama.

Right now she really hated herself for falling for it. It’s been 2 hours uphill and they r miles away from the point they were to reach. They had started off from the bottom of the mountain at 3am. Kaira thought at least her female friends would be slowly walking along with her up the hill. But she had underestimated them. Her female friends had some much vigor that they were way ahead of the guy friends too. Some of her friends very politely walking with Kaira just so that she doesn’t get left behind.

“Few more minutes Kiara… we are almost there. This is all going to be worth it” said one of her friends. “IT BETTER BE WORTH IT… else I am going to push each one of you down the cliff” retorted Kaira. Well she was joking, obviously, but that was an indication for her friends to just shut up and keep walking along.

The almost there bit… took the gang an hour to reach on top. The sun had not yet come up. They had made it just in time. Kaira relaxed her taut muscles. She felt weak to the core. She dropped herself to the ground the moment the gang reached on top of the mountain.

It was 5.50am. One of her friend called out for her. With the little energy that she had left, she dragged herself to the edge. In a moment, she forgot all about her tired and aching body. There lay before her, a sight she was not going to forget for the rest of her life!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 2.34.21 PM

The sun was just about to rise from among the clouds. The clouds looked like they were painted across the sky. The sun’s rays slowly and steadily falling on them and then rising above. This was the most magical thing Kaira had ever seen in her life! She now realized what she had been missing all her life. She just stood there with her friends, absorbing the calm and serenity of the sight.

Not for long though, her friends couldn’t miss out the opportunity of capturing the beauty of nature on their phones and cameras. Click click they all went on for the whole while. Kaira just sat by the camp fire and enjoyed the view for the rest of the morning.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 2.34.14 PM



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