Journey of Aditya… Daily Post Prompt – Nuance

This post has been written for THE DAILY POST PROMPT – NUANCE. The write up below is purely fictitious”

Aditya was a very naughty boy from childhood. He was always up to some or the other mischief… Whether at home or in school! Even though he was the only child, his parents never deterred from disciplining him.

It was Aditya’s 16th birthday. His uncle from Singapore was paying him a visit after many years. He got him a PlayStation which he had heard from Aditya’s mother was his birthday gift wish.

Seeing his Uncle after many years, Aditya was very excited. He was never a shy boy. Always energetic and never feared speaking to people… old or new. His uncle was very impressed with his energy. There was something about the way Aditya used to talk. Facial expressions can have many nuances, with even a slightly raised eyebrow speaking volumes. Aditya was very expressive.

His uncle thought he should speak to his sister (Aditya’s mother). Aditya was a talented boy and with his expressions and public speaking skills, the little boy ought to join in for Acting/Dramatics classes. His mom was not very impressed with the idea. She thought he was already so mischievous. He is only going to fool around, she told her brother. But Aditya’s uncle coaxed her and she finally gave in and decided to send him for acting classes.

And thus began the journey of Aditya Sharma… the rising super star of today’s Indian Television…



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