Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘The Road Taken’

For this week’s challenge, show us something that surprised you on “the road taken.”

This post has been written for The Weekly Photo Challenge – “The Road Taken

Desert Safari in Dubai

This pic was taken at one of our family outing at the Sand Dunes of Dubai. These 4 wheeler land cruisers with their fierce looking car tyres, vrooming across the sand deserts, is a must watch sight!

Oh wait, where did i go!? 😉 The tallest building in the world!! Burj Khalifa! How magnificent and beautiful it looks from the outside, the view from the 125th floor is even more mind-blowing! Me and my family nearly spent 2 hours relishing the mesmerizing view. And say what.. a souvenir was a definite buy for me. Now placed on my fridge door, reminding me to go back again some day for the fulfilling experience!

my souvenir – fridge magnet from Burj Khalifa

Signing off… Have a happy weekend!! 🙂



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