Bundles of Joy…#ShortStory – Write Over the Weekend(WOW)

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I have just 9 more months! There are so many things to do. I cannot afford to waste any time.” Mr. Kalyan quickly got up from his chair and headed to the hall. Mrs Kalyan’s stare followed him. “You took 15mins to reach this desk old man, and in 2 minutes you are already in the hall!” she exclaimed.

“Sudha, quickly make me a cup of masala tea and come sit with me. Let’s start planning” said Mr.Kalyan. “Your grandson is coming 9 months later, not 9 hours! Can you please relax?” Mrs. Kalyan yelled on her way to the kitchen.

Mr. & Mrs. Kalyan had just gotten off a skype call with their son, and daughter in law who lived in the UK. It was a usual fortnightly call, until they announced that the couple is pregnant. Mr. Kalyan’s feet were just not on the ground since the time he heard the news. And his son planned to bring the baby with them to India, once he/she turns 3 months old. Which was almost 9 months from today’s date.

Mrs.Kalyan could hear her husband excitedly on the phone talking to his friends. “I am going to be a granddad.” He was yelling with joy. Mrs. Kalyan had a huge smile herself while making tea in the kitchen. She was not so vocal about her emotions unlike Mr. Kalyan. She rejoiced the happiness within herself.

After almost 10 years of their son’s marriage, they got to hear the news. Mr. & Mrs. Kalyan never forced their son or daughter in law about having children, unlike most people in the society. Both of them were well educated and very open minded. They never forced their daughter in law for anything except that they insisted that she go in for further studies after marriage in the UK just like their son had done. They were very supportive and practical parents.

Mrs. Kalyan a.k.a Sudha ji would generally quiet the gossip mongers saying “Having kids is not an achievement or trophy to be running behind. If they want to and when they want to, my children shall decide on having their own kids”

And today, they felt really proud. Though they longed to be grandparents since a long time, they never brought it up with their son or daughter in law.

For months after that, Mr. Kalyan was busy setting up the house for the arrival of the new born. Mrs. Kalyan got occupied with planning a masseuse for the newbie mommy, buying her new cloths and making necessary arrangements for the couple too.

The months flew by like years for the to-be grandparents. Finally in the month of September, they received a call in the middle of the night from their son. Yes, they were expecting the call at any time, but what their son told them left them in tears of joy.” Pappa, we are blessed with twin baby girls” Mr. & Mrs. Kalyan couldn’t believe what they heard. They were over joyed. Not just one, they were going to be welcoming two of their grandchildren. Mrs. Kalyan burst into tears and her husband knew exactly what she was thinking off. He calmed her down and both hugged each other.

The couple could barely sleep that night. Mr. Kalyan was up early and off to redecorate the room for his grandchildren and made arrangements for an extra crib too.

It was finally December. The couple arrived at their hometown with their little bundles of joy. Mr. Kalyan threw a huge party for all his close family and friends to rejoice the arrival of the twin girls. Mrs. Kalyan had never seen her husband so happy ever before.

A week passed by. One evening, Mrs. Kalyan casually went and sat next to her son on the porch swing. She mustered in some courage and decided to tell her son something. Something that she had hidden from him for too long.

After a little chit chat, she began “There is something I want to tell u, son.” Her son was listening to her intently. “You too were born as a twin.” Her son looked at her astonished. “You had a twin sister who was born with you.” She said. “Where is she now? Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?” he questioned. “Because your sister did not survive. She was very weak at the time of delivery. The doctors had tried their best. But after a week, she….” Mrs. Kalyan’s voice trailed off, tears flowing from her eyes. Her son hugged her. They silently wept together. It took them couple of moments to calm down.

Almost instantaneously, they heard one of the twin sisters crying in the cradle. Her son, got up immediately so as not to disturb the mother who was napping inside after a sleepless night. He took his crying daughter in his arms and held her very close to himself. She calmed down in few seconds and fell off to sleep on his shoulders. He put her back in the cradle and softly whispered to his mom. “No mother, my sister did survive. She has come back to this world as my daughter.” Both Mrs. Kalyan and her son smiled at each other and then looked back at the cradle and watched the little angels sleeping peacefully.















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