The first time I met Seema…#ShortStory


This blog has been written for Three Word Wednesday. The three words for this week(3WW 520th edition) are : High-pitched ; Impish ; Languid. Do enjoy my little short story!

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon at St. Martha’s Girls hostel. The corridors of the building were filled with silence. Very unlike for a Girl’s hostel. You would have even heard a pin drop. Kavita had just woken up from her afternoon nap and was beginning to feel hungry. It was only 3pm. There were 2 more hours to go before snack time.

Kavita woke up from her bed and sat up against the wall. She reached out for her phone, which was lying on the table next to her bed. No new message. Looks like all her friends were busy taking a break at home over the long weekend,she thought to herself. Kavita was among the few girls whose home was miles away in a different city and hence were stuck in the college hostel for this weekend break.

After much deferment, Kavita finally got up to fill herself some water from the hostel mess (dining area). Her room was a corner one located in the 3rd floor which was the topmost floor of the hostel building. She had to walk all the way down 3 floors to get to the dining area. Kavita languidly started walking down the stairs.

As she was descending the steps to the 1st floor, Kavita suddenly heard some noise from the 2nd floor corridor. She halted for a moment, then thought maybe some girls were chit chatting in their rooms. She took the next step, she heard the noise again. This time it was a high-pitched scream. Kavita went back few steps and tried to find the source of the noise.

She walked across the stair case, towards the Recreational room. The sound seemed to be coming from the room next to it. She walked towards the room. She couldn’t hear anything now. She knocked at the door. There was no response. She decided to try and open the door in case it was not locked. Kavita slowly opened the door, peeking inside. She was surprised at what she saw.

A female was standing on top of a bed with a broomstick in her hand. Kavita was confused. She recognized the girl, who was her junior in college. She asked the girl,“Are you ok? Why are YOU on top of the bed with THAT?” pointing at her broomstick. The girl, without uttering a word, asked her to be quiet through hand actions and stealthily pointed her finger towards the corner of the room where the cupboard was placed.

Kavita turned to look. In that corner, she saw an impish looking rat staring right at her. Within a micro second, Kavita started screaming and jumped on the other bed in the room. Seconds later, the rat raced out of the door that Kavita had left open.

The girl, jumped from her bed to the one in which Kavita was standing, and tried to stop Kavita from screaming. “Kavita, it’s gone” She whispered. Kavita abruptly stopped and turned and looked at the girl. They stared at each other for some time with a blank expression on their faces. Before they could realize, both of them burst out laughing at what had just happened. Both of them calmed down. Shut the door, before the rat could find a re-entry.

And that is how, Kavita met her best friend Seema, for the first time!!


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