The Lady in the Pink Jacket! #ShortStory

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer’s Ezine


“Can you please tie your shoe laces before you step out of the door” Tina screamed from the kitchen at her 8 year old son Daniel. “Don’t worry Tina, he will be fine!” replied her neighbor who had come along with her daughter who went to the same school as Daniel, to the bus stop. “Thanks a lot” Tina responded hurrying out of the kitchen. Tina was packing hers and her husband’s lunchbox for the afternoon and was in a rush as she was already late to college where she taught.

Tina went to college in her scooty. That way she would save time in all the Bangalore traffic! Her husband had his office in the opposite direction of hers and hence they had to go in their own separate ways of commute.

Tina worked part time at a college. Teaching had always been a hobby for her. She had never worked after graduation until recently. Her husband Romi and she were college sweethearts. Soon after college they both decided to get married. Tina loved being a home maker. Very soon after marriage she was blessed with Daniel and her son took up almost all her time. Until recently since he had started going to school, Tina had a lot more free time for herself. And that’s when she decided to teach at a college.

Tina’s actual ambition was to be a writer. She had been procrastinating that thought for a real long time. That would make her upset at times when she thought about how she wasn’t able to fulfill her dream but then again she would go back to being lazy and be comfortable in her routine life.

Tina spent her evenings sitting in the balcony with her cup of tea and watching over Daniel who was playing in the garden area of the park. Since a few days now, Tina had started to notice a lady in a pink jacket walk around the park. She was the fastest among the evening strollers there. And it’s only because of her pink jacket Tina noticed her from a distance. She smiled to herself thinking of the young lady’s energy.

One winter evening, Tina was at her balcony as usual, this time all covered up in sweater and socks and a shawl around her. It was too chilly outside and she was enjoying her cup of tea. Because of the weather, kids would hardly go out to play too. The lady in the pink jacket was out there in the park, all alone, walking around the park. Tina was quite amused. Some will power this lady has, she thought to herself. The weather is so cold, people are all wrapped up at home and this pink jacket lady is up and about like the weather did not bother one bit.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a thought struck Tina. She thought to herself about the pink jacket lady’s determination and will power. Against all odds, she was walking around in the park, she must be a fitness freak. But nevertheless, she was so determined to continue doing what she was doing irrespective of people not being around her or the weather being so bad, but nothing seem to deter the lady. The pink jacket lady was all alone but she would continue doing her thing.

This made Tina think about her own life. Where had she lost her enthusiasm? Why had she got so used to her mundane routine life that she ignored her own dream of becoming a writer. She had a not so hectic job, a great family, a husband who is so supportive of everything she does. But Tina always took all that for granted and never really thought of seriously following her dream. This was like a wake up call for her.

That night, Tina had decided. She was now going to focus on her dream ambition. She is going to re-initiate her old habit of writing again. And channelize her energy to the direction of becoming a Writer. Tina felt alive again and rekindled with a fresh bout of energy.

Almost a year and half later, Tina had launched her 1st book as an author. And on the 1st page of her book, she had signed, “Thank you to The Lady in the Pink Jacket”!!







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