The Smile That Changed My Life! #ShortStory


“It’s only for 6 months Maa. And I am going.” Ananya hung up the phone right after that statement. She had lied and this time she needed to. Ananya had been arguing with her mom for 2 days now about her official trip to Melbourne. This was a wonderful opportunity for Ananya to meet new people, explore a new place and present her work face to face to her clients. Just that it wasn’t for 6 months, the assignment was for 2 years.

Ananya was a young talented girl in her late 20s. For her age she had accomplished quite a bit in her professional space and this opportunity to Australia was the one she was longing for like since forever.

However rocking her professional life was, her personal life was equally screwed up. Marriage proposals were pouring in for her, but none that she really liked. And her family and relatives had been making her life a living hell. “Get married, then go wherever you want”, her mom had said. And Ananya had the least bit interested in sacrificing her career for some random business man or engineer who wanted her to just stay at home after marriage and take care of his house.

Ananya was a girl of big dreams. She had very few friends but the best of them. She was so focused on her career and work that she hardly found time to make new friends. And she dint regret it one bit. She loved what she was doing and enjoyed every bit of it to the fullest.

This time she really wanted to get away from all this hassle of meeting any new alliances. She jumped with joy when she was asked to go for the assignment to Melbourne. She lied to her parents and off she went to Australia to live her dreams away from all the scavenging relatives.

Melbourne was a beautiful place. New people, new culture, new lifestyle and her all so amazing office. Ananya was enjoying it all. Work kept her occupied on weekdays, and weekends she would wander into the city to explore and unwind.

She lived in her company provided guest house. Her housemates would keep changing every few months as some would move out with friends or some would find a place of their own. She was the only one who remained constant and she just had a hi-hello relationship with them all.

With time, Ananya slowly started to feel lonely day by day in her new city. She was away from her family and friends for so long for the 1st time. Back in India, Ananya would often travel back home to Delhi from Mumbai to visit her family every month. Now she talks to her family just once every fortnight. She had not seen them for more than a year. Once in a while Skype calls she would have with her mom. That too mom would only be talking about new alliances for her. Ananya would get so fed up she would just hang up with the excuse of having work to do.

One morning at work, she received a call from her office telling her that a family would be moving in with her at the guesthouse over the weekend. For almost 2 weeks, Ananya did not have any company at home too. It was a usual regular thing for her. She has had so many other inmates in the past, this was just another family this time moving in with her. Ananya also had got fed up of these calls from her admin office and was eventually thinking of moving out of the guesthouse once winters were over. Or maybe just going back for good. Loneliness was creeping into her… That’s the mental state she was in away from her parents.

She was told that the family that was moving in had an infant with them too. Ananya was not very attached to kids. Growing up as the only child she always enjoyed all the attention from family. In her growing years also she had no attachment to kids of her neighborhood or cousins also for that matter. She would get irritated by all their crying and nagging and resented it totally.

As a kind gesture, Ananya had decided to cook dinner for the family as they were arriving pretty late that night and she had decided out of courtesy that is the least she could do for them. Since the family was purely vegetarian, Ananya cooked up some basic stuff which she could manage with her sufficient cooking skills.

She heard a vehicle pull over at the front of the house. And then the bell rang. Ananya went over to open the door, not knowing how the next few minutes were going to change her life forever. At the door was a young lady with a child in her hand and some luggage in the other. Ananya offered to help her with the luggage but she politely denied. Then she offered to hold her baby. The lady obliged.

The first glance that Ananya had on the baby, oh my god! Her heart skipped a beat. The baby was smiling to her, and that too such a huge smile. And very lovingly she came into Ananya’s arms. Ananya had never felt so much warmth by the touch of a baby. And the smile, it melted her heart a million times. Ananya welcomed the family home. They were very touched by Ananya’s gesture of dinner for them. They had had such a long flight with an infant and they hadn’t eaten a morsel of food all day. For the first time in that house, she was so happy to see this family. And the icing on the cake, the baby’s name was also Ananya!!

The following days were the best Ananya could have ever imagined of. She would long to come back from work just to play with baby Ananya. She spent so much of her time with the lady and baby Ananya she just dint realize time pass by. This was the happiest Ananya had been in a long long time. She was more energetic active fun all of a sudden. It was like baby Ananya had woken up the child in her. She was not feeling lonely anymore.

Her 2 years assignment was coming to an end and it was time for her to leave. With a heavy heart, she had to say goodbye. The last one year with the new family and the baby was the best time she ever had in her life. She was taking back a lot of fond memories and a lot of positive energy back with her. 1 year back when Ananya thought her life couldn’t get any worse, it had turned out to be the best she ever had.

She went back to Delhi, to her hometown with a lot more life and energy in her. Her parents were more than happy to see her. They had stopped bugging her about getting married and eventually accepted that it would happen at the right time for her.

Ananya still doesn’t know what was it in baby Ananya’s smile that spread the magic in her own life… But she felt alive again… A positivity surrounded her and in no time, Ananya had made many more new friends in her life… and the charm of that one smile… Stayed on with her forever!!!




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