The excitement around Valentine’s Day!!

You are introduced to the idea of Valentine’s Day way back in your childhood. You learn it all from TV and the Bollywood movies. It has always been about Red Roses, cards, balloons, chocolates and gifts. Those days (90s and early 2000s) it was basically a guy giving all these lovey dovey stuff to the girl whom he loved. Be it his girlfriend or wife.

Over time, the idea of Valentine’s Day has evolved quite a bit. The females also started showering their boyfriends and husbands with gifts. Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated by couples… now almost all relationships celebrate the day. Parents and children, friends, siblings… All celebrate their relationship with each other. Not just with red roses, but with all colors of the roses and flowers.

The maximum excitement for V Day is seen among youngsters in college. The young boys and girls bursting with emotions and feelings for each other. The girl you have been crushing on. The guy you have been intending to tell your feelings to since a very long time. V Day gives you the perfect opportunity to profess your feelings. As you pass out of college and start working the excitement around V day slowly dies down.

These days Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized. Malls and Online websites start reminding you of V Day right after New Year’s Day. It’s no way one is going to miss it. A reminder for many about the day but for many others a torturous task that they did when they were young but followed it as a ritual as years went by.

I know quite a few people who do not believe in the idea of Valentine’s Day. Some say why follow the angrez (the west rule). It’s lame. Many others believe that why just one day of the year, one should celebrate Valentine’s Day almost all days of the year. Some believe it’s just a waste of time and energy and the fact that you do not need materialistic things to actually prove your love for each other. Agreed! Different people have different perspective about the occasion.

I personally believe, that days like Valentine’s Day is a reminder for many people to connect with loved ones. Show them you care. Even spend time with them. We have all gotten so busy in our lives that we do not realize that we are not giving enough attention to our loved ones.

V Day doesn’t necessarily have to be showering your loved ones with roses and gifts. Sometimes it can just be taking a moment from your busy life, letting your loved one know that you care. Taking them out for a lovely lunch or dinner. Spending time together. Watching your favorite movie at the movie theatre or just binge watching your favorite series at home with home delivered food.

Ideas for V Day are plentiful… it’s the thought that matters more… Show your loved ones you care… Be there for them… And have a beautiful and pleasant Valentine’s Day!!

Keep Smiling! Signing off…

P.S : The TANISHQ ad is what inspired me to write this bit. Have a look for yourself…




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