Life from the Stay At Home Wife’s Perspective!


It’s not easy being a stay at home wife(SAHW) when you were once independent and professionally working.For many ladies this is a temporary option but for a lot more of the people this tends to go on forever.

Most of the ladies who come in this category are newly married females who have quit their work to join their husbands in a new place. Some are those who quit by choice and wanted to completely focus on their married life. Some women are those who quit their job to join their husband abroad where they are legally not permitted to work. So they are stuck to being a stay at home wife with no other alternative.

There is a sense of independence that the SAHW miss out on. Yes, the man of the house earns well and is sufficient for the couple to survive. But what about the times when the wife wants to divulge in herself guilt-free. The wife usually feels reluctant in spending the husband’s hard-earned money since it is not her own. I understand the husband never really puts any restriction on the wife on what she can spend and where. But still.. this thought does come into a woman’s head when she shops or uses the money for herself. And sometimes she does hesitate and restricts her desires to go on a splurge for herself.

This aint wrong, but it is a mindset that we females are not able to get out of. Some females over time get used to it. Some don’t. And that sometimes eats into our own self-confidence.

The other thing that eats into SAHW mind is that they are unable to support their own family(parents) financially as they do not earn themselves. It’s not like their own family depends on them financially but at times lending a helping hand wouldn’t hurt anyone. Though educated and professionally capable SAHW’s situations and circumstances restrict them to be at home and only feel helpless about it.

At times, SAHW feel very unproductive and wasted. Taking care of ones own home is not a task. It’s a responsibility which is happily done by most wives. But these once upon a time working wives who suddenly are just entirely only taking care of the house, tend to feel very useless.

This article is for all those SAHW like me. You are not alone.There are some of us who feel the same and go thru the same. It takes a lot of courage and guts to sacrifice your work and career and put your family above all. That’s the choice you have made. And no one ever said this choice is going to be easy. Never. But sometimes difficult decisions can lead you to beautiful destinations.

You could explore and discover something you have always wanted to do in your free time but never got the time to do it. Painting, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Crafting, Learn a new dance form, learning a new language(regional or international), learning a new technology in your own time and many other things that you have always desired to do but couldn’t because of the lack of time. Sometimes we females focus so much on the career and family part of our lives that we completely forget about ourselves. What makes us happy. What could make us happy. What could better our own personality. Our growth as a person.

While I sign off, i just have one last thing to say.Don’t let the lazy bug enter your life and tie you down. You are way better than that. Make the most of the worst situations in your life. You never know what awaits you in the future.

Do let me know your thoughts, opinions and perspectives.. Would love to hear them!

Keep Smiling!


2 thoughts on “Life from the Stay At Home Wife’s Perspective!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Well the mental phase is a fluctuating one. Sometimes like they say its easier said than done. But nevertheless blogging about it felt like a relief.. 🙂

      I enjoyed reading both your blog posts too. Very well written and i could relate so much!

      It was a pleasure meeting you too Archana! 🙂


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